A group of activists frantically called our foundation director, Dr. John Sessa, about a rescue called 6.19 that was reported on June 19, 2018. They informed us that 142 dogs  were on the verge of death. 

Thankfully, these activists rescued the dogs out of the meat traders' trucks after surrounding the truck with demands of surrender using the penal code protecting humans against rabies. They found the animals with as many as six shoved into a small crate. They immediately placed the animals into individual cages and transported them a to a temporary shelter near the rescue site.

This is where the hard work began. Now, these activists had 142 dogs in critical conditions that all needed to be diagnosed and cared for immediately. They were able to place 100 dogs with local rescue groups and hospitals around China. However, rescue 6.19 had 42 dogs that still required help and placement due to lack of financial commitment. Their only options for the dogs are to turn them over to the government, who will likely return them to the meat traders or to the monks, who will most likely kill them.

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42 dogs in China are in near-fatal condition, need extremely costly and 24/7 emergency care to survive. What is The Vanderpump Dog Foundation doing?

Without hesitation, we agreed to help. As a foundation, we leveraged our resources in China to organize the dogs’ transport from the temporary rescue site to local hospitals that could accommodate the dogs. All 42 of the dogs have varying degrees of distemper and are in hospitals under the care of Chinese veterinarians. However, 42 dogs all carrying this disease, and other various injuries from the meat traders, is overwhelming. To ensure the best care and equal attention for the dogs, we transported them to eight different hospitals around the area. Each dog has received a diagnosis of their condition and estimated cost for survival. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation's Executive Director, Dr. John Sessa, is there now on the ground in China checking the hospitals most nights and mornings, organizing all of the medicine and treatments with the doctors in China. 


We are sure that you are all wondering how you can help make a difference in this situation.  


You are what makes a difference in this communityWe love our passionate followers and contributors to our cause. As a foundation, Vanderpump Dogs promotes a self-sustaining module at our rescue center in Los Angeles. By giving back 100% of the proceeds from grooming, retail, and adoptions to our Foundation, we are often able to apply your donations to other rescue missions like this one. Right now, we are estimating that our rescues in China will need $30,000 per month to survive this trauma. This will pay for; $1,750 for transportation, $5,000 co-pay for the hospitals, $3,500 to receive blood testing with diagnostics, all associated medicine including spay, neutering; $1500 per day for 24-hour  veterinarian care, and hospital staff.

We are also searching for a transitional space for all the dogs until they are healthy enough to adopt domestically and internationally. While hopeful, these dogs are still so sick:

- 23 dogs have distemper and are critical
- 17 dogs have organ failure
- 2 have made it in the clear and will hopefully be released next week

Please click the button below if you would like to give to our Yulin Rescues. Help us give them a better chance at life and survival. We appreciate all of your help and support! Together we can make a difference.