If you haven’t already, we’d like you to meet Boska!


This precious puppy has already endured a lot in her shorts months of life. Trauma as a puppy inflicted by her breeder left her spine curved, resulting in having little to no feeling in her back legs. She has been a great reminder to the Vanderpump Dogs Family as of why we spend everyday fighting for all dogs domestically and internationally to have a better quality of life. Giving a voice to the ones who cannot fight for themselves. Boska has received hours of patience and love from our volunteers and staff. Over the weeks, she has made great progress while getting used to her new wheelchair thanks to Joey's P.A.W.  Boska finally found a home who will be patient and love her unconditionally, just like she had been here at the Vanderpump Dogs Rescue Center. She even has her own Instagram if you want to see her progress! @BoskaTheShep


Check out this video to see Boska's full story! 


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