The Vanderpump Dog Foundation currently operates two shelters in China that house and rehabilitate dogs rescued from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Our two shelters comprise of 14 full-time employees that consist of vets and dog handlers that assist in the medical care and needs of the 131 dogs in our first shelter and the 284 in the other. 

Since we opened these shelters in 2018, we have built new living spaces for all of the dogs, freeing them from their original cages. Additionally, we have enhanced hygienic care by building on-site grooming facilities that allows for proper bathing and cleanliness of our dogs. Moreover, we are in the process of building an on-site hospital where we will be able to perform sterilizations as well as minor surgeries on site.

We have also begun working with international partners to re-home these dogs in areas of the world where rescue groups or shelters are not as prevalent, such as Alaska or Idaho. This allows our shelters to continue to create space for more dogs that will inevitably be saved from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. 

Activism & awareness

We are so encouraged by the growing activism on the ground in China. This includes organizations like the Shenzhen Dog Protection Association (SDPA). They provide materials to teach locals about spay and neutering their dogs and distribute these throughout the area.  They also throw a large annual festival (very similar to our World Dog Day!) that celebrates dogs, as well as teach locals how to properly care for their animals.

Additionally, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation has a documentary available on Prime Video entitled, "The Road to Yulin... and Beyond" that highlights Executive Director, Dr. John Sessa and the Foundation's inside look into the Yulin Dog Meat Festival provided increased awareness of the atrocity.

In Summer of 2018, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation launched the global #stopthetorture campaign that brings awareness of animal cruelty around the world and our efforts to stop it. 

Moreover, with our new shelters in China, Executive Director, Dr. John Sessa, visits every 4-6 weeks with the ultimate goal of setting up a permanent satellite office in the country and becoming a registered NGO in China. 

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