Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-homing

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation is currently working alongside a wonderful Chinese rescue sanctuary, operated by the Shenzhen Dog Protections Association. Our Executive Director, Dr. John Sessa, spent many weeks in China creating a partnership with the Shenzhen Dog Protection Association, where The Vanderpump Dog Foundation sponsors 80 dogs.

The SDPA has people who live at the sanctuary during the week, Monday through Friday, taking care of the rescues.  The corporate sponsors pay for vans and buses to take volunteers from downtown Shenzhen to the shelter (which is about 1.5 hours outside of the city) to help as well.  There are generally 100 to 200 volunteers that go every Saturday and Sunday!  Each person has a dog that they care for - they clean the pens, do body checks for any ill dogs, feed them boiled and shredded chicken, kibble and rice for a treat.  They are all given baths and put to bed tired.  Many of the dogs need rehabilitation and vet care after the trauma they have experienced in Yulin. SDPA goes out each month to a different city with dogs for adoption, trying to find loving homes for all of our rescues!  

Activism & awareness

We are so encouraged by the growing activism on the ground in China. The SDPA have materials to teach locals about spay and neutering their dogs and distribute these throughout the area.  They also throw a large annual festival (very similar to our World Dog Day!) that celebrates dogs, as well as teaches people how to properly care for their animals.

Similarly, the SDPA is committed to ending the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Dr. Sessa spent a considerable amount of time working with Chinese activists to bring awareness and stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, including attending this year’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival to film for our upcoming documentary about the barbaric torture and abuse. They entered into several slaughterhouses and witnessed the abuse and torture firsthand. We have a strong partnership with the Shenzhen Dog Protection Sanctuary and will continue to partner with Chinese activist to continue our work on the ground in China.