We currently have many campaigns to help our international rescues... see you how can get involved!


GOAL: $10,000

One of our dogs in the Shenzen Santucary was so badly abused and beaten that his back was broken. It healed in a very unnatural and uncomfortable position. We are currently running a campaign to provide the back surgery for the dog. We are trying to raise $10,000 - that will cover the surgery and post operations to help get him back on his feet!



GOAL: $1,000

We want to provide vet care for the Shenzen Sanctuary each month. Every month of vet care costs $1,000. 



GOAL: $5,000

$5,000 will pay for all dogs in the Shenzen sanctuary to be fed for 6 months. Help us feed these poor dogs!


International Legislation

In 2016, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation helped initiate Resolution 752, that condemns the annual Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China. The bill urges the government of China and the Yulin authorities to ban the torture, killing and eating of dogs as part of Yulin's Festival and to enforce China's food safety laws. The bill affirms the United States’ commitment to protect animals. Resolution 752 has now been reintroduced to Congress by Congressmen Alcee Hastings as Resolution 30. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation will continue its work with Congressman Hastings - seeking bipartisan support of Resolution 30 in the hopes that it is presented on the floor and subsequently passed. READ MORE HERE


In 2017, we will continue to work with the Shenzhen Dog Protection Association to care for, provide shelter management and find homes for our 80 dogs we have at the shelter outside of Shenzhen.  We are also utilizing our ground troops in China as well as Chinese activists to continue education and adoption programs in Southern China. We hope to rescue more dogs from the inhumane festival and rehabilitate them back into society. READ MORE HERE

World Health Organization Report

We are currently working with the WHO on a report, in conjunction with OIPA, investigating the negative effects of humans consuming dog meat.  We will examine cases of humans contracting rabies from consuming dog meat and prove the existence of certain detrimental and deadly antimicrobial bacteria existing in dog meat.  Our goal is to present our findings in conjunction with OIPA and the WHO to Parliament and the United Nations. We hope that our report will go a long way to ending the dog meat trade in Asia – if we cannot end it through empathy, we will try and end it through science and fact. 

Rescued Dog Awareness Ambassadors

Our team has, thankfully, been able to rescue, rehabilitate and bring to the United States two different groups of dogs to serve as our dog awareness ambassadors. Our first group of 5 dogs arrived in November and all found new homes across the country. The next group of ambassadors recently arrived in Los Angeles. Ah Tong, Lazzie, and Lucky arrived to the US in January. Ah Tong and Lazzie are getting used to their new life in the US at the Dogwood Daycare facility. They are currently looking for their forever homes. Lucky serves as our new Rescue Center’s mascot! She is learning to trust again and looking for her forever home as well.

Our mission is not to bring all of the dogs rescued from China over to the US (as we have our own problems with overpopulation!) but, instead, to bring a few dogs over to act as ambassadors and help raise awareness – so people can see that they are not feral street creatures but are just as important and precious as our own dogs domestically! On the ground in China we are helping to open and operate rescue facilities to rehabilitate and re-home any dogs we can rescue from the dog meat festivals and the slaughterhouses. READ MORE HERE

Our Documentary

We have been working for almost 2 years to complete what will be a deeper look into the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and its atrocities. We hope that the release of our documentary prior to this year's Festival will shine a light on the slaughter & violence and parallel the social impact that the documentary Black Fish had on Sea World and the humane treatment of whales. Our hope is that our documentary, The Road to Yulin, will raise awareness and finally bring about the end of the barbarity. READ MORE HERE