Our gorgeous pet salon is the perfect location to treat your puppy to a Spa Day of full service grooming! As well as maintaining your dog’s general health and wellness, bringing your dog to The Vanderpump Groom & Glam Center for regular grooming is exciting with our signature high-quality services!

We feature amazing additional Spa services as well as an à la carte menu of chic VanderGlam Additions, so that you can spoil your pet with a tailor-made experience!

Set up your complimentary consultation now or email info@vanderpumpdogs.org !

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$45-$120 depending on size, breed, and coat type

Our Basic Vanderpuff is a premium spa service with a non-premium price tag! Most dogs should get this service every 4 weeks.

Your dog’s Basic Vanderpuff will include:

    *    Shampoo & Condition 

    *    Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal 

    *    Eye, Pad, & Sanitary Trims 

    *    Brush & blow out 

    *    Pawdicure - nail trim & grind 

    *    Gland check & treatment 

    *    Paw Massage 

    *    A signature bandana 



$65-$150 based on size, breed, and coat type

Feel like spoiling your puppy? Our Vanderpuff Deluxe is the perfect option for the dog that needs a little more pampering! The ultimate Spa experience! Most dogs should get this service every 4 weeks

Your dog’s Vanderpuff Deluxe will include:

    *    Consultation with our Stylist 

    *    Haircut & Style 

    *    Shampoo & Condition 

    *    Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal 

    *    Eye, Pad, & Sanitary Trims 

    *    Brush & Blow Out 

    *    Signature Blueberry Facial 

    *    Pawdicure - nail trim & grind 

    *    Toothbrushing 

    *    Gland check & treatment 

    *    Paw Massage 

    *    A signature bandana




This amazing shampoo is used by many groomers to help relieve the itching and discomfort associated with dry flaky skin from weather changes or just simply the dryness from being indoors.  It will also help protect the coat from some of the damage and breakage due to matting. 


Our stylists love this shampoo for its great color-enhancing ability that brightens any color of coat from white to black. This concentrated deep-cleaning shampoo also contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol to help soothe and add moisture to the skin and coat.


You will love this mild-concentrated shampoo as much as we do for its ability to clean well, add texture, condition, and the wonderful lasting fragrance it's been known for. The Aloe Vera, vitamins and silk proteins enhance its conditioning powers while leaving the coat more manageable and with a brilliant sheen for days.

Hypo-Allergenic + $2

This highly concentrated shampoo is a great choice for dogs that have sensitive skin and used often for those dogs requiring a weekly bath. 



Citric Flea Rinse    $10

Our citric flea rinse contains a high quality domestic D-limonene, which is the natural oil from citrus peel. This natural oil is known for its ability to be used as a great alternative to pesticides and provides great relief to pets with FLEA & TICK infestations while reducing the itching associated with it. If fleas are found during your dog’s grooming, we must provide our Citrus Flea treatment at an additional charge.

Blueberry Facial   $5

A Blueberry Facial is an excellent way of getting rid of tear stains and enhancing the coat's color naturally while providing a calming, aromatherapeutic experience for your dog or cat. Even though most parents think it is only appropriate for white hair the truth is that this process is great for all colors and coats.




DE-Shedding Treatment    $15+ depending on size

Our stylists will help your dog reduce their excessive shedding through a combination of special shampoos and conditioners to strengthen the hair follicles and specific grooming tools to help the undercoat.

De-matting    $15 each 15 min

Is your dog severely matted or knotted? Our de-matting service will help get rid of the more serious knots in your dog’s coats. We will brush out all of the matted areas before we bathe your pooch, to avoid the knots tightening and tangling. Depending on how matted your pet is, brushing all of the knots out might not be possible; if the dog is too tangled, we may need to shave the matted area to help with your dog’s pain and prevent skin damage. This service requires you to sign a release form in case this occurs.  

Trimming     Eyes $10|  Paws $5  |  Sanitary $10

Trim appointments are available for eyes, paws and sanitary areas; any additional trimming will require a scheduled #BasicVanderpuff or #VanderpuffDeluxe package.


We recommend a monthly pawdicure for your dog, carefully trimming their nails and grinding them to a smooth finish.

Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal    $10

Most dogs need routine ear cleaning and trimming to prevent any wax or dirt from building up, and to avoid any irritations or infestations.

Toothbrushing    $10

Let our stylists massage your dog’s gums and clean their teeth with an all natural toothpaste. 

Gland Express    $15

Anal glands expressed upon to relieve your dog’s pain and discomfort. 

Hot Spot Treatment   $5

Our stylists will carefully hydrate any irritated areas to minimize discomfort and itching.

Luxury Accessories  $5

Pick from our selection of luxury bows, bowties and ties, to give your pet's grooming an extra stylish finish!



Chill out

A powerful blend of chamomile, lavender and sweet marjoram act to calm and quiet pet nervousness.  It is highly effective in taking the edge off of trying times.  The applications for this mist are never ending:  Hyperactivity, separation anxiety, sleeplessness, thunderstorms, destructive nervousness, vet visits, nighttime pacing and we're sure you could come up with your own reasons!


A serious treatment for stiffness and arthritis pain in dogs.  A therapeutic blend of essential oils powerfully combine to create a special treatment.  Rosemary and ginger increase the circulation to the area, while juniper acts as a detoxifier.  Lavender and birch calm and help relieve pain.These oils are blended in carriers of arnica, which increases circulation and may relieve rheumatic pain.  Finally, jojoba , a natural anti-inflammatory, is added.This is one product that takes a little time, but you will soon see improvement.  A little goes a long way and your dog will love the message they get with the treatment.

I itch not

Great for flaky itches, nagging flea allergies, dermatosis and any irritation that causes biting.  Our combination of essential oils are specially blended into a powerful treatment designed to sooth and calm your dog's problem itching.  This powerful blend soothes and relieves minor irritation. Lavender and helichrysum team up to heal and soothe, roman chamomile (an anti-inflammatory and pain killer and soother) quell the urge of constant itching.  Cedarwood is a balancer and known treatment for flaky, itchy skin.The essential oils are blended in a healing infusion of Calendula, Evening Primrose and jojoba.  Bach's Rescue Remedy has been added to halt the insanity of scratching.  This is gentle enough to be used as needed.  If caught soon enough your pet will not break the skin and you can avoid a hot-spot.  And, as an added bonus, this remedy will also soothe insect bites.

Journey Home

Dogs are emotional animals. Like people, animals are emotionally sensitive and traumatic experiences can sometimes cause permanent scars that may be rage, anxiety, and depression fill an emotional space in an animal that really only wants to please. When a dog is surrendered to a shelter, they must emotionally overcome all these feelings or they will eventually  deteriorate. An animal must be physically and be emotionally  balanced in order for it to be healthy. When essential oils are inhaled they are directly processed in the area of the brain that regulates emotion and memory (limbic system). Each essential oil in our blend Journey Home works together to strengthen areas that have been affected by negative experiences. This powerful blend  of essential oils soothes and comforts the sharp edge of emotional  trauma. It assists with the transition from overwhelming grief, anger,  and sadness to emotions that are in balance and optimistic.


Complimentary Consultation

For all of our services, we offer a complimentary consultation upon arrival for your appointment. Pricing & details will depend on the size and type of your dog and additional requirements will be discussed prior to grooming.

Shampoo & Products

We strive to use only products that are all-natural and cruelty-free - not only are they eco-conscious, but they’re better for your dog! We have a unique selection of shampoos, treatments and products that are mild on your dog’s coat and skin, and create the most gorgeous grooming results!

Furcut & Styling

We offer a variety of cutting and styling options that can be customized to your pet’s unique look! You can choose your style during your consultation. 


If your dog arrives with severe tangles and matted fur, we will need to do our De-Matting service, and you will be charged $15 for each 15 minute of de-matting before your pet’s bath.

SIGNATURE Blueberry Facial

Our Signature Blueberry Facial is extra mild and brightens your dog's face. This works especially well for tear stains and stains around the muzzle. 


Our extra-mild aromatherapy options are a great way to combat your dog’s anxiety, stress, or emotional problems. They are all natural and misted and massaged into your dog’s coat. 

Blow Dry

We only use heatless dryers of forced-air to dry your dog safely in a way that won’t damage his/her coat or skin,


Our stylists will gently brush your dog’s coat until silky smooth, removing tangles, loose hair and dirt. This will re-distribute oils from your pet’s skin throughout the coat leaving them smooth and glossy.


Our signature paw massage incorporates a softening balm that soothes, hydrates and protects paws from sidewalks and tough outdoor surfaces.


We have gorgeous bows and bandanas for each of our Grooming Guests, so that your dog will leave with our signature #Vanderglam touch!





Please, please please - NO FLEAS! We ask that you help us maintain our Flea-Free zone and make sure that your pet is pest-free. If we find fleas or ticks during your dog’s grooming, we will be obligated to give your dog our Citric Flea Rinse treatment at an additional charge.


As we are also a rescue facility, we have a responsibility to make sure that the health and safety of all our fosters and clients is insured. We require that every grooming client be up-to-date on all their vaccinations.

We recommend that your dog is current on both DHLPP (Distemper, Leprotosis, Parvo) and Bordatella vaccinations.

You are required to bring your vaccination history and verification or to email it to us at: grooming@vanderpumpdogs.org prior to your appointment.


Our grooming guests must show proof of their current Rabies vaccinations, as required by law.


Some dogs might not be able to receive our grooming services, depending on their age, health or behavior. We can discuss these and inform you prior to your appointment to determine whether your pet will be able to get #VANDERPUFFED.


Puppies must be 16 weeks or older and be current on all their vaccinations.


If your dog is elderly, suffering from a health issue, or under veterinarian care for a condition that might be worsened by grooming, you should avoid some grooming services and might be required to provide a medical release.


If your dog suffers from extreme anxiety, or exhibits extreme nervousness, fear or excitement, please help them feel more at ease during grooming by increasing their exercise prior to your appointment. 


If your dogbecomes too aggressive or agitated to be safely groomed, our staff will end the service and not attempt to force the grooming on the pet.



Our Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the grooming services you receive. After every grooming service, our stylists will review the Furcut with you to make sure you are happy! If you notice anything that you don’t like when you get home, please call us within 24 hours so that we can alter your pet’s groom to your liking. Changes can be made within 24 hours only. If a correction is not possible, refunds will be given on the Furcut portion of the groom only, not the whole grooming service. 

Services & PRICING

Our menu prices are a general guideline for services; however, the actual pricing of your services may change based on breed, size, temperament and condition and length of your dog’s coat. Hours of operation and prices are subject to change.


Credit card reservations are required for grooming services. If you’d like to walk in, we welcome guests on a first-come, first-served basis.  Current vaccination records are required for all pets. 

Scheduling & Cancellations

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but here are some things to keep in mind!

Call us!

 If you’re running late, your appointment will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes. 


Please allow 3 hours for your dog’s service. Our stylist will provide a rough time estimate for your pet’s service, during your consultation at the time of drop-off. We try to have all dogs done within 1 hour, for their comfort, however, depending on behavior their appointment can go longer!

Special Services

Please let us know in advance should you need any special accommodations. 

Pick Up Window. We give you a 60-minute grace period for pick-up. If you are later, we reserve the right to charge you a Late Pick-up Fee of $10/hour, per dog. We would love to have you wait during your dog’s grooming at our Center! We offer Free Wi-Fi, a gorgeous Boutiue, Dog Food Retail Store, and a selection of options at the café next door.

Cancellation Fee

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment time, will will apply a $25 Cancellation Fee and cancel your appointment. 


We require 1 hour notice to re-schedule an appointment, and a cancellation fee will not be applied.

No-Show Policy

Please provide a minimum 24-hr cancellation notice. If you do not show up, a $25 Cancellation Fee per animal will be applied to your credit card. 

Incomplete Service

If your dog becomes too emotionally distraught or aggressive, we will stop the service for the safety of your pet and our groomers. If you’d like to attempt to finish your service at a different time, we will book you another appointment within the same week at no extra cost.



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